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Cloudsolve Case Study: Transforming Biotech Eficiency with AWS Cloud Infrstructure

The Challenge

Our client, a leading player in the biotech space, has been consistently facing challenges with its on-premises infrastructure. Their servers struggled with capacity during peak research periods, and they had a lack of real-time performance data for critical applications. This hindered their productivity and added unexpected costs due to system maintenance and downtime.

Moreover, they had multiple client applications and their website backend which were not seamlessly connected, causing significant delays in data sharing and an overall inefficiency in their operations. They needed an overhaul, something that would address these pain points, without interrupting their ongoing research and client services.

The Solution

Enter Cloudsolve, armed with a team of AWS certified consultants and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by modern businesses. Here’s how we tailored a solution for our client:

1. Migration Planning and Execution: Recognising the mission-critical nature of the applications our client used, Cloudsolve carefully planned each migration to minimise disruptions. Using the AWS Server Migration Service (SMS), specific workloads were transitioned to the cloud in stages, ensuring zero loss of data.

2. Optimising Costs with AWS: Beyond just migration, it was essential to ensure cost-effectiveness. By leveraging EC2 for compute capacity and RDS for database management, we ensured that our client paid only for the resources they used. Additionally, Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) automatically distributes incoming application traffic, handling spikes in usage without manual intervention.

3. Real-time Monitoring and Reporting: To give stakeholders a clear view of their cloud ecosystem’s health and performance, Cloudsolve integrated advanced monitoring tools within AWS. These tools not only tracked performance metrics but also monitored costs, ensuring that budget overruns were a thing of the past.

4. Seamless API Integrations: Understanding the need for seamless data sharing, Cloudsolve implemented API integrations, linking their website with their backend and other client applications, whilst also implementing strict security protocols. This ensured that researchers and clients could securely access the data they needed from anywhere, without any hitches.

The Results

Our client’s transition to the AWS cloud, guided by Cloudsolve, brought about transformative changes:

  • Improved Uptime: Thanks to robust cloud infrastructure and ELB, system maintenance downtimes were eliminated. They could conduct their research uninterrupted, leading to faster results and discoveries.
  • Cost Savings: Post-migration, they witnessed a 60% reduction in their IT infrastructure costs. Real-time cost monitoring ensured they remained within budget, allocating saved resources to further their research.
  • Enhanced Data Access: The implemented API integrations led to a 3x speed increase in data sharing between the company’s website and other applications. This not only improved internal operations but also enhanced the experience for their clients.
  • Client Satisfaction: With faster data access and reliable systems, they reported a 50% increase in client satisfaction scores. Their partners appreciated the smoother, more efficient data access, leading to strengthened business relationships.


In conclusion, our collaboration with this biotech company addressed the fundamental challenges they faced with their on-premises systems. By leveraging AWS’s versatile tools and services, Cloudsolve not only improved the company’s IT infrastructure but also contributed to its core business of groundbreaking biotech research.

When you partner with Cloudsolve, you’re not just adopting cloud technology; you’re embracing a brighter, more efficient future for your business. Let us help you navigate your cloud journey.

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