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Cloudsolve Case Study: Revolutionising the Virtual Events Space with AWS

Following the pandemic in 2020, the virtual events space has seen rapid growth. While these events promise convenience and global reach, hosting them without glitches requires robust infrastructure. A virtual events startup recognised this crucial need and reached out to Cloudsolve. The result? A seamless, scalable, and sophisticated virtual event platform powered by AWS, with Cloudsolve by its side.

The Challenge

Our client was ambitious. Their vision? Hosting virtual events that felt as close to in-person events as possible. But they faced common challenges:

  • Scalability Issues: Their current setup with WordPress websites couldn’t handle surges in traffic during popular events.
  • Performance Bottlenecks: Slow loading times and frequent downtimes were turning away potential attendees.
  • Lack of Flexibility: Modifying features or running A/B tests for user experience optimisation was a tedious task.

They needed a solution that was dynamic, scalable, and resilient. That’s when Cloudsolve stepped in.

The Solution

Drawing from our rich experience and expertise, Cloudsolve employed a two-pronged strategy:

Migrate and Modernise: Instead of simple migration, we transitioned virtual events startup to a microservices architecture. By breaking down the monolithic WordPress structure, we paved the way for enhanced scalability and flexibility.

Optimise and Enhance: We leveraged top-notch AWS services to supercharge their virtual event delivery.

Here’s a deeper dive into our strategic implementation:

1. Kinesis Video Streams: To bring the virtual ‘live’ in live events, we harnessed AWS Kinesis Video Streams. This allowed for seamless live and on-demand streaming. During a recent mega-event, the platform efficiently handled a whopping 100,000 concurrent viewers, with zero downtimes.

2. Load Balancing with ALB/NLB and Auto-scaling with ASG: High availability is non-negotiable for virtual events. With ALB/NLB, we ensured a balanced load across servers. The auto-scaling groups (ASG) played a pivotal role, dynamically adjusting server counts based on traffic. During peak events, the infrastructure scaled up by 150%, and post-event, it scaled down to conserve resources.

3. Containerised Upscaling: By using Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS’s EKS/ECR, we brought in the flexibility of containerisation. When virtual events startup introduced a new interactive feature, the containerized approach enabled us to swiftly upscale, accommodating an additional 30% of users seamlessly.

4. CloudFront (CDN): Speed is the essence of online experiences. With AWS’s CloudFront, we optimized content delivery, slashing down the content load time by 70%, and ensuring attendees from across the globe received a uniform, lag-free experience.

5. Route 53 for DNS and A/B Testing: our client was keen on iterating and improving. With Route 53, we implemented weighted routing. This meant they could easily run A/B tests, allowing them to increase user satisfaction rates by 25% within the first quarter.

The Results

In just a few months post collaboration, the results were significant:

  • The platform witnessed a 300% increase in user registrations, thanks to the robust infrastructure that could handle massive traffic.
  • Downtimes became a story of the past, with 99.99% uptime.
  • Our client saved 40% on operational costs due to optimised resource utilisation.


Cloudsolve isn’t just about cloud solutions; it’s about crafting success stories. With our expertise and the vast range of AWS services, we transformed this startup’s challenges into opportunities, helping them reach new heights of efficiency. If you’re looking to make your next big digital move, Cloudsolve promises to be the partner you’ve been searching for. Turn your challenges into a success story, with Cloudsolve.

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